Matt Sadies 5
These 2 went to MORP at the beginning of the month and could you die over their darling outfits!? The theme for the dance this year was Disney. Maddie showed Matt a bunch of ideas that they could be and Matt shot all of them down… I think that he didn’t quite understand that he didn’t have to wear a mask to be a character like Buzz Lightyear. Maddie showed him Bert and Marry Poppin’s, Matt was sold. That’s what he wanted to be!!
Matt Sadies 1
We found a picture on Pinterest that we based their outfits on, and it turned out perfectly. Matt already had the pants, shirt, and vest. My mom just bought the hat on one of her adventure trips and Maddie sewed the tie around his neck. Maddie had her top, borrowed one of my skirts, shoes, and only had to buy a hat and umbrella. It couldn’t have worked out any better!!

Maddie asked me if she thought that my dad or Zach could build a chimney out of cardboard to go on the back of Matt’s chair. Umm how cool is that!? My dad came up with a contraption, and Maddie painted it. I think that it was what made their look go over the top!
Matt Sadies 2
They went to Chili’s for dinner and Matt loved helping Maddie pick out what to eat and worried she had enough to drink and everything else the whole time we were there. They headed to the dance and danced the entire night away! Maddie was so sweet and danced with Matt the entire time and never left his side.
Matt Sadies 3
Thank you sweet Maddie for giving Matt the best night of his life! We love you and are so blessed to have you in our lives! Thank you for sharing your sweet spirit with us and being such an amazing role model to everyone. We think you are quite a gem! XO

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